Blogging 101: How I Created My Blog Logo and Brand Board

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I just recently changed the name of this blog to Mundanely Yours to represent my new mantra – finding the extra in the ordinary and celebrating the mundane. (more about this from my last post)

So I thought it would be a good idea to have a logo and somehow an identity for this blog. Hence, I created my very first BRAND BOARD. I drew inspiration from a lot of amazing stuff on Pinterest (always a good place to spark your creativity).

First, I had to create my main logo, something classic and not restricting. I have always loved the blush and gold combination, it evokes a light and happy feeling for me.

Content with how it turned out

Then I just followed what brand boards usually contain; the logo variations, color palette, typeface, elements and photo inspirations for your brand. I used Photoshop in designing the logo and everything else then I put it together in one ‘board’. Below is the product of several hours in front of the screen. Teehee! I can be useful sometimes. 😀

1A_Mundanely Yours Brand Board FINAL V3 PNG

Tada! My very first Brand Board for my virtual diary. ❤

I’m usually an all-over-the-place/anything-goes kind of person, so I hope that this will help me bring some coherence into this blog.

My next goal is to customize the theme of this site so it will have a resemblance with the overall look I’m trying to achieve. Although I don’t really know how to, I think I’ll work my way around it as WordPress has proven to have a pretty user-friendly interface so I’m crossing my fingers. 😛


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