La Mer on New Year’s Day

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Happy New Year everyone!

Quite late but we’re still on the first month of 2018 so it still counts! 

Dubai has always captivated us in terms of architecture, open spaces and its beaches. We hail from a quiet and laid-back province in the Philippines so coming here and seeing all these mega structures just leave us gawking. It’s not that we don’t have high-rise buildings back home but here in Dubai, it’s just different – in a fascinating way.

So on the first day of the new year, we went for a walk along the newest beachfront development in Jumeirah 1 – La Mer


It’s like a city on the beach. The vibe was very relaxing with all the contemporary, rustic and minimalist elements all coming together.



It’s a perfect place to unwind, have a picnic with family and friends or spend an alone time to meditate and regain your energy.

It was late afternoon when we went and it was New Year’s Day so the place was crowded, mostly families spending a fun time at the beach. We’ll be back but on an early morning to soak up the beautiful sun, breeze and quietness of the sea. ❤


  • From Al Hana CenterTake a C10 bus towards Hassa Bint Al Murr Masjid 2 and get off at Jumeirah Center.
  • From Satwa Roundabout/Al Diyafa RoadTake an X28 or 88 bus towards DIC MS Seaside and get off at Jumeirah Grand Masjid then it’s just a 10-15 minute-walk to La Mer.

I guess you can take these routes from any designated bus stops as long is it’s towards the places stated above.

*Used some of the LR presets (only did very minor tweaks) from the generous and talented admins of #LRCPH. For some inspiration and tutorials, check out their page/IG- Livi, JPV.

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