Remembering Iran

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I’m a bit nostalgic lately I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m hormonal due to that time of the month or also because I just recently turned two years here in Dubai.

I went through my old files and found photos from my Visa Run last January 2015. The popular and most affordable exit destination at that time was Kish, a small island on the Persian Gulf. Prior to my exit I have heard ‘horror’ stories from fellow expats and googling Kish, Exit and Visa Run just made it worse. Though my colleagues assured me that it’s not all that bad I was still anxious.

The distance from Dubai to Kish is a 30-minute flight on board Kish Airlines. The plane I was on was really old and would seem to easily dismantle if exposed to strong turbulence and wind. This is a common opinion among those who have been to Kish for Visa Run. Luckily the flight was short and none of the above happened during the flight.

The island was like a ghost town from above.. barren lands, unfinished  and abandoned buildings, a few cars and and even fewer people on the streets. But after taking the Kish Tour I actually found it to be a calm and peaceful place with a rich history.

There’s a biking path all over the island where you’ll marvel at the pristine blue waters according to one of the tour guides. I just overheard it from another group because we didn’t actually had a tour guide just a driver who took us to different spots and allowed us time to explore and take photos. Since I don’t have a camera and my phone’s storage was almost full I only managed to take a handful of photos.

Overall it was a great experience and I’m always thankful that wherever I am I always feel guided and secured.


Tourists sulking in the beautiful sunset.


He’s been down there for a while perhaps taking the time to get that perfect shot. The waves were calm and soothing.


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